• Does Vivartana provide assistance in building the right Infrastructure for setting up educational institutions?

Yes Vivartana, provides financial, operational and technical support through its infrastructure arm. It also provides a turn key solution through its MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY arm.

  • Would Vivartana partner in any proposal in sectors other than Education?

If so in what capacity or role? Presently, Vivartana has projects in the Education sector. However, we also have the Health sector as part of our vision and diversification plans.

  • How does Vivartana add value in conceptualising the Vision of the operator?

With a three-armed solution and in-depth experience, Vivartana is capable of partnering with the operator holistically as well as for specific areas. Also, Vivartana has a strong feasibility analysis and business case analytics team who is capable of supporting the operator to decide the appropriate type of education institution, the price points, the market sizing etc. With MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY taking over the study, strategy, viability etc, and our INFRASTRUCTURE actually executing the project and CENTER OF EXCELLENCE churning out the human assets required for the sustenance, we provide complete A to Z solution.

  • Does Vivartana have any particular geographical location preferences?

Vivartana is open to all locations and has no specific restrictions as such. We, also, have global leadership presence in the middle east and Singapore where we are open to investments.

  • When it comes to handling school operations, does Vivartana provide any support?

Vivartana has an experienced team which has previous experience and deep insights in setting up and operating educational institutions. Right from the concept inception, to sustained running of the organization, we partner and contribute at every level.

  • Is Vivartana open to entering into partnerships in existing operations?

Yes, we are open to exploring joint ventures or partnership opportunities for a specific engagement. For those interested in resizing, revamping, expanding or even turning around projects, we would be willing to look at creating value through appropriate business models.

  • Are there any pre-requisites like educational qualification or number of years’ experience, a mandate for partnership?

No. We do not mandate any pre-requisites for our engagements with the clients.

  • Can NRI’s partner with Vivartana as investor?

Learning and being open to every legitimate and genuine interest, Vivartana believes in nurturing every kind of interest in business. However, investments in Vivartana are approved only after very careful evaluation of the investor and a lot of focus is on given on getting right people onboard with aligned vision and thoughts.

  • Would Vivartana partner with an already running entity?

Yes, we are interested into revamping, expanding or turning around any organization with passion.

  • Does Vivartana provide advisory services to educational institutions?

Vivartana provides COMPLETE SOLUTION to the partners. Beginning at the very conception of an idea, Vivartana’s MANAGAMENT CONSULTANY is capable of being with you at all levels from brainstorming, conceptualization, business plan development, strategizing, market study, product development, pilot study. With tailor made tools and resources, Vivartana helps you bring the best out of yourself and contribute in establishing completion to your ideas. Not with standing, our INFRASTRUCTURE is enabled to actually build your plans into reality and our CENTER OF EXCELLENCE provides the organization with training and skills required for its sustained and smooth functioning.

  • If given a particular project, would Vivartana be able to do a consultancy engagement on it?

Having built projects from the very scratch and running them successfully, Vivartana, prides in sharing it’s KNOW HOW with others. Our expert team of consultants in the education sector would be able to look at your particular situation and provide the best options for you to move forward.

  • How does Vivartana support the start-up eco system?

Vivartana believes in empowering future leaders and in supporting creative minds to come up with solutions which support societal transformation in the education and health care sector. Vivartana has a governance framework which supports start up ecosystem and is especially, equipped to support early start ups to help them make the baby steps. We also have tailor made courses available via our Centre of excellence which you can make use of.

  • What kind of courses are provided?

We build exquisite courses basis deep research, well proven methodologies and with razor sharp focus on the problems being addressed in these courses. We, also, provide customer specific courses basis the requirement of the customer. Vivartana’s Center of Excellence picks up courses with utmost care and basis current market needs and focus on quality more than quantity.

  • Is there any basic qualification required to enrol into the courses?

Each course will have certain guidelines and any specific enrolment criteria would be mentioned accordingly. In the Center of excellence, the focus is on effectiveness and we try to align the audience & the course content accordingly, to be consumed by appropriate audience.

  • Are the courses available online?

We do not offer our courses online currently due to the amount of user participation required in the courses. However, in future, we may come up with specific courses which can be consumed online as well.

  • Can Vivartana help in placements / overseas placements?

Vivartana is a growing company and is keen to engage with talented and passionate individuals at all levels. You can drop in a line to us in case you think we can engage and our team would get back to you.